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Any of our music projects, that we have created under our collective, will be placed here.


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2021 - Mystryl

Mystryl, a self-referenced magical music project that reflects our purpose and finding meaning in both large and small spaces. Soulkeys that are reassembling lost properties and shards of creativity, life & magic. A repurposing of what has been lost, forgotten and remembered...

2021 - Smooth Water

Smooth Water is a synthesizer project, a calming music to sooth the soul.
Smooth Water project

2019 - Miss March

Miss March released a single called: "Don't build a Wall". The project is currently in hiatus, more details will follow.

2009 - Litargik

Litargik was a short lived music project, started in 2009. Only one CD-R in existence. Not for sale.
Two songs can be found here